Current Regulation

Learn more about the Modernization of Cosmetics Act of 2022 (MoCRA), the first time a Federal cosmetic law was updated since 1938 (no, that’s not a typo). Below is a breakdown of the current regulation requirements of the new law and when they take effect.

Progress was made by this major legislative update, but we’re not done. “There is still a long way to go for cosmetic safety regulation,” said Janet Nudelman, Senior Policy Manager of Breast Cancer Prevention Partners in her interview for Pretty Ugly. For more information on the pros and cons of the new law and what it means for consumers, you can read the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners’ robust evaluation report of MoCRA.

And for individual action steps you can take to help limit your exposure to toxins in personal products and cosmetics, check out our Take Action page.

MoCRA Implementation Benchmarks

Standards Created by the New Law and Currently In Effect:

  • Specific labeling required to guarantee professionals and consumers alike have the necessary product information at all times.
  • The requirement of adding a visible allergen warning when adding fragrances to ensure consumers have the proper information.
  • Cosmetic manufacturing or processing facilities must renew/update, as appropriate, their registration every two years. The FDA reviews their registration and can suspend it, and the company’s ability to produce and sell products from the facility, if serious adverse health conditions are found within the processing or manufacturing of cosmetics.
  • Companies and manufacturers are required to ensure the safety of their products by ensuring and maintaining records.
  • The requirement of reporting serious events associated with the use of cosmetic products to the FDA within 15 business days of the incident. 

Standards Created by the New Law, Not Yet Implemented:

  • The requirement to provide contact information of the manufacturer or responsible persons on cosmetic product labels. – Deadline: 12/29/24
  • Required Good Manufacturing Practices so that products are manufactured and produced in a way that ensures the best quality as required by their intended use. – Deadline: 12/29/24 trough 12/29/25


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